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1inch Monthly Digest: March 2023

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The 1inch Network is happy to present you the March digest of major news and updates.

Updates, news and integrations

In March, the 1inch Network saw a major milestone, as 24-hour trading volume hit a $4 bn mark for the first time ever. This achievement comes as another proof of the resilience, efficiency and security of the DeFi space, also highlighting the attractiveness of swap rates and user experience that 1inch offers.

Also in March, the 1inch Wallet for Android received an update. As a result, users now have the quickest and most secure way to interact with their assets in Ledger, the most popular hardware wallet. Besides, support for WalletConnect v2 was added.

March turned out to be a profitable months for 1INCH stakers who were offered a chance to take part in various Web3 quests and games and win rewards from 1inch, Cheelee, Planet IX and

No month passes without announcements of notable integrations involving 1inch. In March, Zyberswap V3 Liquidity, Civilization Network and JulSwap were integrated with 1inch, while The Mises Browser now features 1inch.

By the way, we launched a new blog, which is available at Meanwhile, those who prefer Medium shouldn’t be disappointed, as we’ll continue to publish our posts on Medium, as well.


In March, 1inch took part in Paris Blockchain Week. Among other things, this major blockchain event featured Fusion of Aggregation, a fireside chat with 1inch co-founder Sergej Kunz. Paris Blockchain Week guests were also able to enjoy 1inch’s iconic party, Cirque De La Lune.

Key stats

  • Ethereum: $258.5B in volume, 9.9M swaps, 1.8M users
  • BNB Chain: $34.2B in volume, 15.4M swaps, 2.9M users
  • Polygon: $19.1B in volume, 12.8M swaps, 1.4M users
  • Optimism: $2.3B in volume, 931.1K swaps, 200.8K users
  • Avalanche: $3.8B in volume, 886.8K swaps, 124.4K users
  • Fantom: $852.8M in volume, 698K swaps, 21.6K users
  • Arbitrum: $5.4B in volume, 2.2M swaps, 357.8K users
  • Gnosis: $218.7M in volume, 201.7K swaps, 11.2K users
  • 1inch Fusion mode: $4.9B in volume, 418.8K swaps, 102.7K users

Stay tuned for more exciting news and announcements from the 1inch Network!

1inch Network-photo

1inch Network

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