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WOOFi: "[1inch is] a goliath of the DEX aggregator world”

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In this series of posts, 1inch looks at partnerships it has struck with various projects and at how both sides have benefited from the collaboration.

WOOFi, a multi-chain DEX that uses a synthetic proactive market making (sPMM) model, has been a partner of the 1inch Network since December 2021, and the collaboration has proven successful for both projects.

By simulating the liquidity of WOO Network’s centralized exchange WOO X, WOOFi is uniquely able to offer competitive prices to DeFi traders with little TVL. In addition to this offering, WOOFi has executed more than 200,000 cross-chain swaps powered by Stargate technology and is now one of the top 5 most used DeFi protocols, according to Dappradar.

For more than a year now, WOOFi has been an important liquidity source for 1inch. As a result, 1inch users have been enjoying access to yet deeper liquidity and yet more favorable swap rates.

Meanwhile, the partnership turns out to be beneficial for WOOFi, as well.

“When people think aggregator, they think 1inch,” says Kevin Feng, Head of DeFi at WOO Network. “WOOFi is proud to be partnered with such a goliath of the DEX aggregator world which has so vastly widened access to the CeFi-grade prices of our sPMM v2 liquidity.”

“1inch order flow has contributed to many of WOOFi’s landmark milestones, perhaps most notably our crossing of $4B total trading volume,” he goes on to say. “We are grateful for this and know that 1inch will continue to fuel our growth in the coming years as we expand to new chains, support additional assets, and fulfill our ambition to deliver the ultimate DeFi trading experience.”

Stay tuned to learn more about 1inch partners!

1inch Network-photo

1inch Network

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