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Wintermute: “Excited to be an active user of 1inch”

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In this series of posts, 1inch looks at partnerships it has struck with various projects and at how both sides have benefited from the collaboration.

Wintermute, a leading global algorithmic trading firm in digital assets, is one of the earliest partners of the 1inch Network. Since the outset of collaboration between 1inch and Wintermute, it has been mutually advantageous, also benefiting the entire DeFi space.

As a new-generation algorithmic trading company, Wintermute aims to enable, empower and advance a truly decentralized world for more transparent, fair and efficient markets and products, and that mission totally aligns with what 1inch strives to achieve.

The collaboration with Wintermute represents a major milestone for the 1inch Network, as it allows us to expand our capabilities and offer our users even greater access to the decentralized finance ecosystem. With Wintermute's expertise and resources, we are able to further enhance our platform's liquidity and scalability.

This partnership came as a significant step forward for both companies from the early days of 1inch, and the 1inch Network is excited to continue and possibly expand collaboration to drive innovation and growth in the crypto space across multiple verticals.

“One of the core focuses at Wintermute is expanding and empowering the DeFi ecosystem as the built-in transparency and security make it a trustable option for experienced crypto traders,” says Tim Wu, Wintermute’s Head of DeFi. “Wintermute is constantly looking to support robust projects and ecosystems run by experienced teams, and 1inch is a leading example of this.”

“As one of their liquidity providers, we help facilitate trading for a multitude of tokens, assisting 1inch in providing competitive pricing to tokens across the entire digital asset ecosystem,” he adds. “We’re excited to be an active user of 1inch and are looking forward to what the future holds for the network.”

Stay tuned to learn more about 1inch partners!

1inch Network-photo

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