The Portfolio feature introduced in the 1inch Wallet for Android

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Android users can now track investment performance and control their portfolio directly in the 1inch Wallet, as well as explore other valuable updates enhancing their user experience.

In line with its aim to foster DeFi adoption and offer users the most valuable features, the 1inch Network is thrilled to roll out the Portfolio feature in the 1inch Wallet for Android. This feature allows users to experience complete wallet-driven asset management, monitor real-time and overall token performance and optimize their investments while always seeing a full picture of their portfolio activity.

The Portfolio feature is based on the 1inch Portfolio API, which is available on the 1inch Developer Portal. The integration of the 1inch Portfolio API offers developers access to real-time market dynamics and an impressive response time of under one second. The API delivers historical data across major networks, making it one of the top offerings in the market for timely and accurate blockchain analytical data.

Key portfolio metrics include PnL, return on investment (ROI) and portfolio value over time.

The Portfolio feature

On entering the 1inch Wallet app, users can immediately access their portfolio by tapping the displayed stats under their wallet balance.

They are then directed to the main ‘Portfolio’ screen, on which the Summary, Top gainer&Loser and Activity sections are displayed. From here, users can explore the entire advanced toolset to analyze their strategy. Additionally, there is a handy option for activating the network’s filter at the top of the screen to monitor the portfolio performance exclusively on selected blockchains.

Meet the super button! The action buttons were consolidated into a single ‘super button’ on the tab bar. This change not only enhances accessibility but also streamlines user interaction. With just one tap on the super button, users can swiftly navigate to their desired action from anywhere within the 1inch Wallet app.

Portfolio analytical data serves as a true financial compass, helping traders to refine their strategies based on ROI and PnL (profits and losses).These metrics are prominently displayed under the balance tab.

Another valuable portfolio indicator is the wallet balance chart. However, users should be aware that significant deposits and withdrawals might cause inconsistencies between profit and loss (PnL) and the chart’s trend when reviewing a wallet balance.

The ‘Top gainer&loser’ section displays the current most and least profitable tokens, assisting users to adjust their portfolio in line with market trends.

Summary brings together essential metrics to give an overview of a portfolio’s activity. This section contains inflow, outflow and total gas spent on transactions within a selected timeframe.

Activity reflects the operations executed over a specified time period.

Revamped ‘Token details’

This is the interface users access when tapping on any token displayed in the 1inch Wallet. It offers live updates on each token’s price and value. While the ‘Price’ indicates a token’s current market price, ‘Value’ represents the combined market value of all units of a selected cryptocurrency in a user’s portfolio. Moreover, the ‘Token details’ section includes the Balance and Performance metrics for the selected token.

Balance delivers an in-depth overview of each token in a user’s wallet, including its average price, inflow (total amount of a particular token purchased or received in a specific timeframe) and outflow (total amount of tokens spent).

Performance offers ROI and PnL for a selected token within a specified interval.

Integration of the Base network

Additionally, updates in Version 1.16 include the integration of Base, a Layer 2 Ethereum scaling solution incubated by the renowned crypto exchange Coinbase. With this newly integrated network, 1inch Wallet users can experience faster transaction speeds and reduced fees, as well as gain access to extensive liquidity.

Streamlined user experience

The 1inch Wallet keeps striving to improve the user interface and overall experience. Ongoing research and analysis have led to the introduction of a button on the tab bar. The refined UX also offers new wallet and token navigation, along with improvements in fonts, contrast and features that heighten accessibility for the visually impaired.

Note: The Legacy swapping mode has been renamed to Classic mode. This mode can be selected during token swaps. While Fusion mode eliminates the need for holding native tokens for fees, Classic mode follows the regular scenario of transaction execution. Once swap parameters are set, the mode is automatically suggested based on trade conditions and profitability. However, users can manually toggle between Classic and Fusion modes.

You can start efficiently managing your portfolio and swap on all major networks, including Base, by installing the 1inch Wallet for Android.

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