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The History API added to the 1inch Developer Portal

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Now, developers can integrate an API that facilitates obtaining well-organized and detailed transaction data for blockchain addresses.

The 1inch Labs is thrilled to announce that the History API has been added to the 1inch Developer Portal, expanding the range of innovative Web3 tools offered to developers.

When it comes to getting a transaction history on an EVM-based blockchain, the task turns out to be far from trivial. For instance, internal transactions often don’t contain logs, as developers simply don’t bother with that.

Only a handful of solutions for transaction history are currently available, and the 1inch History API offers an innovative approach based on transaction traces, extracted with the help of the 1inch Traces API.

As a result, the 1inch History API can deliver a very accurate and detailed, as well as well-organized and displayed transaction history for any address on multiple blockchains.

The main advantages of the 1inch History API are:

  • human-friendly interface 

Transaction data is well organized and displayed in a humanly readable format.

  • scam protection

All transactions are thoroughly screened to filter scam transactions.

  • internal transaction support

The API offers support for data from internal transactions, based on the 1inch Traces API.

  • fast response

A response time is below 200ms, which is one of the best offerings on the market.

The 1inch History API can be integrated by various types of DeFi projects, such as wallets, decentralized exchanges (DEXes), scoring tools and, basically, any dApp that needs accurate and detailed transaction info.

Check out the Web3 tools available on the 1inch Developer Portal!

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