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The first solution to bring institutions into DeFi

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The 1inch Fusion API enables financial institutions to offer their customers access to the DeFi space.

For a few years, prospects of venturing into the DeFi space have been discussed by major financial institutions. The highly attractive DeFi market has seen exponential growth in the last few years, with its volume growing from $4.8 bln in early 2022 to $8.5 bln in April 2024, according to DeFiLlama.

Now, a solution has been made available, facilitating seamless entry for institutions into decentralized finance and thereby providing their customers with the array of opportunities that DeFi unlocks.

The 1inch Fusion API, provided by the 1inch Developer Portal, leverages cutting-edge tech to facilitate smooth and efficient crypto swaps via 1inch’s Fusion mode.

Fusion mode enables users to swap tokens on various DEXes without paying any network fees and at the most favorable rates. Any possible issues with liquidity are ruled out, as 1inch’s underlying Aggregation Protocol and Limit Order Protocol ensure sufficient liquidity at all times.

In addition, Fusion mode offers users extra protection from maximum extractable value (MEV). All swaps in Fusion mode are executed by resolvers - professional traders, who use the most sophisticated and efficient ways of protecting users’ swaps from MEV.

The Fusion API is also a compliant market-making environment where resolvers undergo a due diligence process, including a KYC / AML procedure, a sanction and policy check, and constant address screening for AML. It is possible due to the 1inch internal blocklist program, Synaps, and TRM labs partnership [Case study].

For the first time, a solution is available in the market that facilitates a seamless integration between traditional finance and DeFi. As we are in a period of renewed peak interest among users in crypto, traditional financial institutions can broaden the range of services they offer to customers, adding DeFi products to their traditional offerings.

Thanks to the 1inch Fusion API, traditional finance users will be able to trade in crypto or, for instance, to invest in popular meme coins that could substantially grow in value.

If a traditional institution offers its customers a convenient entry point into DeFi, they are likely to stick around rather than look for other providers of DeFi services.

If you have questions about possible integration of the 1inch Fusion API with your project, please, contact our business development team.

Integrate the 1inch Fusion API to expand the range of offerings to your TradFi customers!

1inch Network-photo

1inch Network

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