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The 1inch Network integrates with Hashflow

The integration offers top-quality trades for users, while opening access to deeper liquidity for 1inch.

The 1inch Network is excited to announce integration with Hashflow, a next-generation DeFi exchange, which makes Hashflow price quotes available through 1inch.

Hashflow brings institutional liquidity and pricing strategies to DeFi to help build a more capital-efficient market structure.

“Hashflow leverages the best of CeFi and DeFi to create an efficient three-sided marketplace where traders benefit from tighter spreads, zero slippage, and MEV-resistance,” commented Varun Kumar, CEO of Hashflow. “At the same time, passive LPs can deploy their capital efficiently to professional market makers for maximum turnover and yield. No more impermanent loss.”

The 1inch Network integrates with Hashflow

“Hashflow offers a novel approach to trading, which, coupled with 1inch’s efficiency, will bring about top-quality decentralized trades for users,” said 1inch Network co-founder Sergej Kunz. “Meanwhile, the integration will also open access to deeper liquidity for 1inch.”

Stay tuned for more exciting news about 1inch integrations and collaborations!

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