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The 1inch Network integrates with DeFi platform Oasis.app

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This integration provides Oasis.app users with cheaper swap rates and better security, while also expanding 1inch reach in the DeFi space.

The 1inch Network is thrilled to unveil integration with Oasis.app, a leading platform for decentralized finance. Coming shortly after Oasis Trade users were suffering from rising gas costs, this integration is set to offer them a cheaper, more efficient solution.

“As a team, it is really exciting to announce 1inch as our first protocol integration on Oasis.app beyond the Maker Protocol,” says Chris Bradbury, Oasis.app CEO. “Working with 1inch provides our users with the best possible prices, and really enhances the use cases that allow them to borrow and utilize Dai in the most secure way possible.”

“The integration with Oasis.app is another step towards a more efficient and secure DeFi space and wider adoption of innovative decentralized financial solutions,” adds Sergej Kunz, 1inch Network co-founder.

Built on top of the Maker Protocol, the new Oasis Multiply feature enables users to borrow Dai and create Multiplied Positions, which are similar to leveraged or margin positions but without the need to borrow funds from a counterparty. Oasis Multiply supports other Maker-supported assets, like ETH or wBTC as well.

With Oasis.app, users can borrow Dai in a cheaper and safer way than on other platforms, and the 1inch integration is set to facilitate that narrative even more. Oasis.app says it aims to be the most trusted platform in decentralized finance, working with only top-performing partners within the space.

As 1inch is always on the lookout for promising collaborations, more integrations are coming. Stay tuned!

1inch Network-photo

1inch Network

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