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The 1inch Fusion API: revving up the performance of wallets and CEXes

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The 1inch Fusion API is a breakthrough swapping solution that can help centralized exchanges (CEXes) and crypto wallets to expand the range of services for their users.

The 1inch Fusion API, provided by the 1inch Developer Portal, leverages cutting-edge tech to facilitate smooth and efficient crypto swaps via 1inch Fusion.

1inch Fusion empowers users to swap tokens across multiple DEXes without incurring any network fees and at highly advantageous rates. Potential liquidity concerns are mitigated by 1inch’s Aggregation Protocol and Limit Order Protocol, guaranteeing ample liquidity consistently.

Moreover, 1inch Fusion provides safeguarding against maximal extractable value (MEV). All Fusion swaps are executed by resolvers — professional traders employing the most advanced methods to shield users' swaps from MEV risks.

The 1inch Fusion API is particularly well-suited for CEXes and wallets as it enables them to offer extra services to their customers. For instance, wallets and CEXes integrating the 1inch Fusion API can provide their users with an opportunity to buy rare coins that are normally unavailable on CEXes or to facilitate immediate access to a variety of DeFi tokens, as well as to practically unlimited liquidity across multiple sources and platforms.

The Fusion API is also a compliant market-making environment where resolvers undergo a due diligence process, including a KYC / AML procedure, a sanction and policy check, and constant address screening for AML. It is possible due to the 1inch internal blocklist program, Synaps, and TRM labs partnership [Case study].

Meanwhile, swaps via 1inch Fusion are especially profitable for large crypto holders, which for most wallets account for over 50% of their user base.

If you have questions about possible integration of the 1inch Fusion API with your project, please, contact our business development team.

Integrate the 1inch Fusion API to offer your customers more DeFi opportunities!

1inch Network-photo

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