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The 1inch Foundation releases $585,000 to grantees

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1inch grants will fund a range of solutions aimed at growing out the 1inch ecosystem and improving user experience, from fiat gateways to a browser extension.

The 1inch Foundation is thrilled to announce a group of grant recipients, which will collect an equivalent of $585,000 in 1INCH.

From this post, you’ll learn who the grantees are and what products and solutions they are working on.


E-Virtual is a multi-function platform that includes a crypto exchange, a stablecoin pegged to EUR and a legacy payment system.

E-Virtual’s decentralized exchange is fully powered by the 1inch API enabling users to benefit from fast swaps and most favorable rates. Since E-Virtual holds a European crypto license, it is authorized to provide exchange services of fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto, as well as custody of such assets. In the company’s immediate plans is the launch of a fiat gateway, which will provide users with dedicated IBAN accounts, debit cards and the opportunity to do European and international fiat transfers.

EURV is E-Virtual’s stablecoin pegged to EUR and fully backed by Euro at all times.

“We are really excited and proud to be one of the selected few to enter the 1inch grant program,” says Joao Lages, E-Vitutal co-founder. “Using the 1inch API is the simplest and most efficient way to offer our users the possibility to buy cryptocurrencies and, at the same time, access the best swap rates and liquidity, while enjoying the top security offered by 1inch. This will enable us to be more focused on user experience and launching more regulated products.”

For more on E-Virtual, check out its Twitter account and website:


Moret is an automatic market maker protocol for crypto option trading on the Polygon chain. This AMM offers a range of innovations, including an on-chain volatility oracle, a new constant product market maker for options, the ability to buy and sell options, a hedging mechanism for the liquidity pool to neutralize market risks and reduce impermanent loss and the integration with 1inch and Aave, as well as pseudo stablecoins supported by option trading.

This set of innovative solutions powers efficient options trading strategies on an on-chain exchange, making Moret competitive with centralized exchanges, such as Deribit.

For more on Moret, check out:


3Line is a service that helps users to pay crypto taxes in various jurisdictions. The 3Line platform calculates crypto taxes, creates tax reports and fills out submission forms for tax authorities.

3Line has made this process simple and secure by offering three unique features: effortless import from a user’s favorite digital platform, an adaptive interface and immediate reports. 3Line offers its customers easy-to-use and secure software with live legal support.

For more on 3Line, see:


Atlantis World

Atlantis World is a Web3 social metaverse; connecting Web3 apps with social, gaming and education in one lightweight virtual world that’s accessible to everybody and community owned.

Support from the 1inch Foundation is enabling development of a token-gated virtual city that will be owned and governed by the 1inch community as a founding city of Atlantis.

The beta version of the 1inch City will ship in Q2 2022. In the meantime, 1inch holders can look forward to a completely new version of Atlantis coming before the end of 2021 where they’ll be able to interact with the 1inch Network inside of the metaverse.

There are currently over 1k active users of the first prototype of Atlantis (https://demo.atlantis.world) and over 4.5k early access signups for the new version. Atlantis World managed to scale its team to 7 fulltime contributors whilst

being fully bootstrapped, building on the back of grants like this one and some of its own capital.

For more info on Atlantis World check out:


Tokenflow is a tool that facilitates visualizing the flow of tokens in Ethereum mainnet transactions. This makes it easier for users to understand what happens in a transaction.

This tool is a continuation of an existing product, https://tokenflow.xyz. The difference is that the new version parses transaction data from archived Geth or Parity nodes, rather than using internal transfers and logs to build the graph.

This parsed transaction data is visualized through a directed graph. Edges symbolize what is transferred, how much and what step of the transaction it was. Nodes symbolize receivers and senders.

When possible, addresses will be translated into more readable names, such as 1inch.exchange, WETH Contract etc. The data used to build the graph is also going to be available in JSON format.

Crypto Marketing

Crypto Marketing is a creative agency specializing in growth marketing for the crypto industry. The agency has previously led campaigns for the biggest brands and personalities in the space.

The partnership will see the launch of 1inch’s official meme channels.

For more on Crypto Marketing, check out their Twitter account:

Alan Nabiev and Sarmat Khachirov

The developer duo of Alan Nabiev and Sarmat Khachirov from CryptoGboors team has substantial experience in software development, including complex dApps and integration of smart contracts with dApps.

Currently, they are working on a promising solution for the 1inch ecosystem.

For more about the developers, check out their Twitter accounts:

The 1inch grant program is ongoing. To learn more about it and apply for a grant, visit this page.

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