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The 1inch Foundation releases $308,000 to grantees

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A new batch of 1inch grants will fund a range of solutions aimed at growing out the 1inch ecosystem and improving user experience.

The 1inch Foundation is thrilled to announce a new batch of grants with a total value of $308,000 in 1INCH tokens.

From this post, you’ll learn who the new grantees are and what products and solutions they are creating.


DeltaDex is a next-generation decentralized options contract protocol that allows users to replicate any option contract. Users can choose from an assortment of different option hedging models in order to create the option contract of their choice.

The current model of AMM-based options contract protocols in the DeFi space relies on liquidity providers to be able to ensure the payout of “in the money” option contracts purchased on the platform. Not only is this capital inefficient, but it also poses a significant financial risk to the liquidity providers of these protocols if the parameters of the option pricing model of the protocol deviate from realized market conditions.

In contrast, DeltaDex allows users to replicate any option contract on-chain with any chosen parameters. Option replication is achieved by delta hedging the underlying ERC20 token on Uniswap so that the payoff profile of the user’s portfolio matches that of the target option contract.

Additionally, DeltaDex gives liquidity providers on Uniswap the ability to hedge against impermanent loss.

For more on this project, see:


Bankless Academy

Bankless Academy is an interactive learning application that aims to scale web3 adoption via a Bankless-native onboarding process, educational infrastructure development, partnerships, and sharing.

Bankless Academy’s collaboration with 1inch will be focused on co-creating interactive educational content on DEX aggregators.

The 1inch grant will be put towards the co-creation of a DEX aggregator lesson with the 1inch team. This collaborative process includes several small-class learning sessions with real users, content creation from the recurring session themes, and iterative rounds of community feedback on the emerging content.

The end-product is a tested and refined lesson that leverages written slides, illustrations, quizzes, and an on-chain quest to engage learners with DEX aggregators in general and 1inch in particular.

Successful completion of this lesson will allow the user to claim a soulbound token that represents their learning on-chain — a firm step towards building their Web3 resume.

For more on Bankless Academy, check out the links below:



Explorer Community:





WEB3DEV is one of the largest Web3 developer community DAOs in Latin America, encompassing almost 3,000 developers keen on learning about Web3. The community has hundreds of active contributors creating technical content and helping each other to deepen their knowledge about blockchain, smart contracts, NFTs, DeFi and other Web3-related topics.

WEB3DEV’s blog platform has published more than 250 tech articles, 18 of which are devoted to 1inch and its ecosystem. Some articles are original, and some are translations of important articles in English that were not available in Portuguese before. These articles attract more than 4,000 monthly active users.

In addition, WEB3DEV runs bootcamps for developers aimed to be immersive experiences enabling builders to make real full-stack coding projects and deploy their first dApps and smart contracts. More than 200 developers graduated from WEB3DEV and were rewarded NFT certificates.

WEB3DEV also offers access to the best Web3 talent, providing services of software development as well as project, product, people and strategic management.

The 1inch grant will enable WEB3DEV to accelerate content creation. A team of 8 developers and content creators will be rewarded to actively work on 1inch articles and videos, helping the network to grow its presence in the promising Brazilian market.

For more on WEB3DEV, check out the links below:

Website: https://www.web3dev.com.br

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/web3dev

Discord: https://bit.ly/w3b3d3v

Moni Talks

Moni Talks is a crypto media and community. On a daily basis, Moni Talks delivers important and engaging content in the form of hot news, digests, and articles about DeFi, NFTs, Play-To-Earn, as well as detailed reviews, study guides and video interviews with market leaders.

Moni Talks launched in 2020 as a crypto newsletter. Since then, the project has successfully developed in various directions, aiming to bring the most exciting and relevant information to everyone interested in crypto.

The grant gave Moni Talks a major boost in the development of APIs for integrating content into applications and services to eventually offer a CaaS (Content as a Service) model to other Web3 parties. Users can now access Moni Talks content in the 1inch Wallet app and Moni tracker app, and there are plans to integrate Moni Talks content into various other services.

According to Moni Talks, “building a product with 1inch is a fantastic experience that doesn’t end with the grant as we’re always in touch and support each other.”

For more on Moni Talks, check out the links below:







Akula is a Rust implementation of the Ethereum full node, built with efficiency in mind. It includes data model innovations pioneered by Erigon and adds a very efficient EVM interpreter on top.

Akula has full support for Ethereum mainnet and EF-endorsed testnets and can execute all mainnet blocks in under 24h.

Current work is focused on perfecting and testing its JSONRPC implementation as well as brand new gRPC-based API.

For more on Akula, check out these links:





Quantor is a trusted data provider and financial analytics platform aiming to provide fast access to blockchain data analytics to mainstream users. To achieve this, they build their own DWH solution for storing blockchain data. Powered by smart indexing techniques and codecs, coupled with data pre-aggregation, this approach enables running a wide variety of analytical queries in less than a second.

Quantor does not rely on any upstream company. Instead, they get data from blockchain nodes. This independence from third party sources leads to having full control over the pipeline, and further to more trusted data.

Quantor makes blockchain more transparent and accessible for mass users. One of the features they provide is portfolio performance traction. This includes diverse profitability metrics of those users who trade on DEXes and use DeFi products such as liquidity provision. This feature relies on the most accurate user balances based on inner contract calls data and block by block token prices harvested from DEX trades.

In addition, Quantor provides an API to access its data. This might be interesting for businesses that do not want to focus on big data collection and storage, but would rather prefer to implement their solution on top of existing infrastructure. The team is open for collaboration and can build custom solutions to meet clients’ needs.

Web: https://quantor.me/

Tg channel: https://t.me/quantorme

Contact us:

The 1inch grant program is ongoing. To learn more about it and apply for a grant, visit this page!

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