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The 1inch dApp added to Ledger Live

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A combination of 1inch and Ledger tech facilitates competitive swap rates while keeping users’ digital belongings fully secure.

As part of a constant drive to offer users the most secure and profitable solutions, the 1inch Network is happy to share that the 1inch dApp has been added to Ledger Live app.

The 1inch dApp available through Ledger Live enables users to exchange one crypto for another at the best rates while enjoying the safety of their hardware wallets.

One major advantage of using Ledger is that users’ private keys are tightly secured within their Nano hardware wallets, guaranteeing a hack-proof experience when managing crypto belongings.

Overall, the combination of Ledger Live and the 1inch dApp opens to Ledger users a gateway to the Web3 galaxy. For instance, they can buy ETH through Ledger, swap it at the most attractive rates via 1inch and then stake the tokens with Lido.

To take advantage of the combination of Ledger Live and the 1inch dApp, a user who has purchased Ledger Nano needs to set it up and sync with the Ledger Live app.

Then, they can download the 1inch dApp directly from the Ledger Live Manager section. Once downloaded, just click on the 1inch icon in the Ledger Live Apps Catalog (“Discover’’ section) and start using the 1inch dApp!

In order not to miss any upcoming collaborations and integrations for the 1inch Network, stay tuned!

1inch Network-photo

1inch Network

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