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Public Swap API to be discontinued: access 1inch APIs via the 1inch Developer Portal

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As the public Swap API is set to be shut down on August 11, 2023, at 11:30 AM (CET), it is essential that all current users subscribe to the 1inch Developer Portal to ensure seamless access to this tool.

Unveiled by 1inch Labs in July 2023, the 1inch Developer Portal is a cutting-edge, cloud-based Web3 SaaS platform providing developers with advanced APIs to build in DeFi. To maintain access to the functionalities provided by the public Swap API, formerly at api.1inch.io, developers should migrate to the 1inch Developer Portal by 11:30 AM (CET) on August 11. Additionally, the portal offers a range of other valuable APIs.

Full deployment of the 1inch APIs

As of August 11, the public version of the 1inch Swap API will be replaced by the solution on the 1inch Developer Portal, where all other 1inch APIs are also fully deployed. However, developers can continue using other public APIs but be aware they will be deprecated in the future. This major move allows all 1inch API users to leverage an institutional-grade product backed by complete support.

To ensure a smooth transition, everyone relying on the public version of the Swap API is strongly encouraged to switch to any subscription plan offered by the 1inch Developer Portal. Two subscription plans, free and enterprise, are readily available, both providing access to all 1inch APIs.

To start using the free plan, simply visit the 1inch Developer Portal, sign in with Google or Github, provide the necessary information and follow the instructions.

Meanwhile, for those requiring a higher number of requests per second (RPS) and robust technical support, the enterprise plan could present a more appealing choice. Beyond offering more RPS, it features multiple additional options custom-tailored to enhance performance and meet specific project needs. This flexibility makes it an ideal choice for developers exploring the platform’s functionality.

How to get started with the enterprise plan

Switching to the enterprise version is a speedy and straightforward process.

  • You can apply for the enterprise by filling out the portal’s form.
  • You can choose to email api@1inch.dev, adding relevant details about your organization, contact information and anticipated trading volumes. All requests are reviewed in the order received.

Access all APIs

By registering on the 1inch Developer Portal, developers will take advantage of all available SaaS solutions and unlock the full potential of DeFi.

1inch Swap API

It provides users with price quotes and optimizes the path for token swaps as well as gas costs, thanks to the routing algorithm. The API integrates with over a hundred liquidity sources on Ethereum, including private market makers, and supports the 11 most popular EVM chains.

1inch Spot Price API. This API delivers real-time data for a specific token in a specific chain's native currency, supporting tokens and trading pairs across 11 leading EVM chains, including Ethereum, Polygon and BNB Chain.

1inch Balance API

This solution provides precise information on ERC20 balances and allowances for wallets.

1inch Token API

This versatile tool facilitates the search for ERC20 tokens across dozens of token lists and 11 EVM chains using any text.

1inch Transaction Gateway API. Known for its successful implementation in the 1inch dApp and the 1inch Wallet, this API allows for both public and private transaction broadcasting, with private transactions bypassing the mempool and being secure against MEV. It provides high-performance access to dozens of blockchains to achieve a high and fast transaction inclusion rate.

1inch Portfolio API

A SaaS solution offering access to transaction data analysis across the Ethereum, BNB Chain and Polygon networks, enabling users to monitor portfolio and wallet performance, as well as to explore market dynamics.

1inch Orderbook API

Based on the powerful 1inch Limit Order Protocol, it ensures the placement of swap orders in an order book and provides the ability to access it, enabling opportunities for arbitrage and increased liquidity.

If you have any questions about the 1inch APIs or the 1inch Developer Portal, please, get in touch via support@1inch.io or by using this form.

Take advantage of the 1inch APIs to BUIDL innovative products in Web3 together!

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