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New liquidity mining program with StakeWise

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The program will run as of April 27, focusing on selected 1inch pools.

1inch’s liquidity programs have been extremely popular with users, and we are happy to announce the 1inch Foundation’s decision to launch a new one in collaboration with StakeWise.

The liquidity mining program with StakeWise kicks off on April 27 (1 pm UTC) and will run for 28 days.

Under the new program, 150k 1INCH tokens together with 2mln SWISE tokens will be distributed among providers of liquidity to the 1INCH-SWISE pool.

StakeWise enables users to deposit ETH, participating in Ethereum 2.0’s Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism and receiving rewards in ETH.

StakeWise mints Deposit and Reward Tokens for every ETH you deposit & earn to allow more flexible access to capital and generate the highest ETH2 APY among staking solutions. These tokens can be used to store, exchange and transfer deposits and rewards in just about any protocol and wallet that supports ERC-20 standard tokens.

1inch’s previous liquidity mining programs, including those with Lido, Opium, DigiByte, ICHI and Ren Protocol, have been vastly popular with users, bringing them lucrative rewards and helping bootstrap the respective project.

Meanwhile, more liquidity mining programs are coming! Stay tuned!

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