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Ledger’s update enhances support for 1inch Fusion

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A recent update to Ledger will soon make 1inch Fusion swaps even safer and more convenient for users of the popular hardware wallet.

In a keynote presentation at EthCC in Brussels, Charles Guillemet, CTO of Ledger, showcased an upgrade to the device, using 1inch Fusion as an example of how the Clear Signing feature enhances the safety of signing transactions in the hardware wallet for users.

Previously, a user had to blindsign transactions, which put the user’s funds in danger.

Now, thanks to the Clear Signing feature, there is no more blind signing, and the user sees all information related to their transactions.

“Blind signing a crypto transaction is like signing a blank cheque - it only takes one mistake to get drained,” said Charles Guillemet, Chief Technology Officer at Ledger. “Moving to a future where every user can safely clear-sign a transaction is imperative, and requires cooperation throughout the ecosystem. We were delighted to work with 1inch on ensuring 1inch Fusion support for Ledger, making signing transactions on Ethereum safe and easier. We look forward to working with everyone to protect users and increase adoption!”

Thanks to enhanced support for 1inch Fusion in the recent update, Ledger users can take advantage of 1inch Fusion’s functionalities in a safer way on their hardware devices. 

1inch Fusion, our flagship product, was recently upgraded to version 2.0. Launched in December 2022, 1inch Fusion allows users to swap tokens across various networks without paying gas fees, while accessing liquidity throughout the entire crypto space and enjoying protection from maximal extractable value (MEV). All Fusion swaps are executed by resolvers - professional and verified traders who compete to execute swaps, offering users the most favorable rates.

You can also add 1inch Fusion to your project to enhance swap efficiency. The 1inch Fusion API is available on the 1inch Developer Portal. If you are interested in integrating the Fusion API, please reach out to us.

Stay tuned for more news and updates from 1inch!

1inch Network-photo

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