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Five reasons to do swaps via 1inch

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Besides greater profitability, swapping via 1inch provides the highest security, user-friendliness and handy advanced features.

1inch offers the most favorable rates and swapping conditions compared to DEXes and other aggregators, since it deals with core DeFi trading issues in the most innovative and easy-to-use ways.

#1 Best swap rates and conditions

The 1inch Aggregation Protocol, which is at the network’s core, aggregates the best quotes from hundreds of liquidity sources and generates the most profitable swap rates.

Also, users get lower price impact due to automatically splitting up the order across different liquidity pools. Thus, as a DEX aggregator, 1inch solves a common problem related to high swapping price impact, when an order is filled at a less favorable price than expected. The reason DEX traders often struggle with it is that the price offered by a certain liquidity pool from a certain DEX can change between the moment of the order request and that of the swap execution.

By optimizing the assembler code, the 1inch Aggregation Protocol also reduces the amount of gas required to complete transactions on the Ethereum network. The cost advantage over other aggregator protocols reaches up to 10%. The protocol algorithm is constantly improved and upgraded to new versions in order to provide 1inch users with more benefits.

The 1inch Gas Refund program has been developed for users seeking even more swapping profits, as it compensates up to 95% of the gas costs to the most active 1INCH token stakers.

#2 The largest amount of total available liquidity

The deeper are liquidity pools, the more easily swaps can be performed. The main providers of liquidity are automated market makers (AMM), DEXes’ powering protocols, enabling traders to perform crypto asset exchange, and private market makers (PMM).

1inch is connected with both types of market makers, which ensures that users receive the best current swap prices in the market. Today, 1inch aggregates over 250 liquidity sources, constantly increasing their number.

1inch opens access to the deepest liquidity across the most popular networks: Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, Optimistic Ethereum (oΞ), Gnosis Chain, Fantom, Arbitrum, Aurora and Klaytn. That means that users can operate with all tokens running on these blockchains. This available range of 10 networks also allows traders to select better terms of a gas cost to complete their transactions.

#3 Easy and prompt swapping in simple and advanced modes

Regular usability improvement lowers the entry barrier to the DeFi space for newcomers and facilitates the trading process for experienced users. Newbies can easily start their crypto journey by using a simple trading mode. It includes the option of applying advanced settings for adjustments of gas price and slippage, adding custom tokens and using the partial fill option, accompanied with explanations of those features.

For more experienced traders, the classic mode is available, offering advanced settings, which enable users to preset routing, choose maximum return or OTC, follow price chart changes, view orders list and operate with limit order functions.

#4 The security of swaps is guaranteed at the highest level

As privacy and security issues are crucial for DeFi, 1inch strives to manage the risks in the most effective ways.

The highest number of audits ever conducted for DeFi projects by different auditors confirms the security of 1inch protocols. The amount of regular code audits for vulnerabilities exceeds 16, while three or four audits are considered already a satisfying number.

Also, security is guaranteed by the smart contract’s non-upgradeability. Attacks and data leakage mostly occur through open code and the installation of custom settings, which is categorically impossible in 1inch’s case.

Since the smart contract is tightly secured and the protocol is thoroughly audited, making swaps with 1inch is safer than with any other exchange or aggregator.

#5 Versatility and accessibility of features

1inch offers users a great opportunity to make swaps using not only the web app but also mobile apps for both Android and iOS that share the same functionality. Plus, safe asset storage and transfer are available in the non-custodial 1inch Wallet, which boasts multiple advanced options in addition to the standard features. For instance, users have access to any DeFi app with a built-in Web3 browser. Also, they can buy crypto with fiat, store NFTs and take advantage of design settings.

You can test all the benefits of swaps via 1inch using the dApp or by installing the 1inch Wallet.

Stay tuned for more articles focusing on 1inch products!

1inch Network-photo

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