Crypto Traders’ League to launch a 1inch tournament

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Over the next three weeks, traders will compete for a 3,000 USDT prize fund.

Are you a crypto trader? Do you want to prove your skills in a trading contest and compete for a nice cash prize? Here’s something for you! We are thrilled to announce a 1inch tournament on the Crypto Traders’ League (CTL) platform with a prize fund of 3,000 USDT.

The tournament will run for three weeks, from February 26 to March 17. To participate, you need to make trades on BNB Chain, Arbitrium, Avalanche or Optimism on the spot market. Make sure that you use 1inch’s Fusion mode, as this is a mandatory condition! Trades equivalent to $1,000 or more qualify for the tournament.

Once the tournament is over, 100 best traders - based on a total volume of their trades during the tournament period - will receive cash prizes in accordance to their place in the leaderboard. This is how the prizes will be distributed:

  • First place - 700 USDT
  • Second place - 500 USDT
  • Third place - 300 USDT
  • Fourth place - 200 USDT
  • Fifth place - 100 USDT
  • Places 6-10 - 50 USDT each
  • Places 11-20 - 30 USDT each
  • Places 21-30 - 20 USDT each
  • Places 31-50 - 10 USDT each
  • Places 51-100 - 5 USDT each

Upon the completion of the tournament, a few days will be needed to check participants for fraud and ensure the integrity of the results. After that, the winners will be announced and prize money will be paid to their CTL wallets within a week.

Crypto Traders League is a platform for holding tournaments among crypto traders. The goal of the project is to popularize trading as a competitive discipline and provide users from all over the world with a platform where they can compete, win prizes, and improve their skills.

Good luck at the tournament!

1inch Network-photo

1inch Network

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