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Later this week, the 1inch Network’s team will be in New York on a continuous mission to spread word about our tech and support hackathon participants at ETHGlobal New York.

On September 22-24, ETHGlobal New York is scheduled to run, gathering the most skilled Web3 developers, designers and builders from all over the world. The 1inch Network will gladly join this weekend-long adventure aimed at advancing the Ethereum ecosystem. If you attend the event, come to our booth to discuss 1inch products, crypto and DeFi.

Meanwhile, Nick Kozlov, 1inch backend lead, will conduct the workshop “Building dApps with the 1inch Developer Portal” on Sept. 22. Nick will talk about APIs available on the 1inch Developer Portal and possible use cases for these APIs. Come listen to Nick at Workshop Room 1, at 5pm.

Also, 1inch has prepared generous bounties with a total worth of $20,000 for hackathon participants.​

Bounty 1 - Build an innovative application on top of the 1inch Network's Fusion API.

Bounty 2 - Build Innovative solutions on top of the 1inch Network's Token Plugins.

Bounty 3 - Enhance your app with the 1inch Developer Portal’s APIs.

Bounty 4 - Open track.

Detailed information on all the bounties and prizes is available here.

Those who already miss 1inch’s iconic parties will have a chance to attend ​"A Night of DeFi Enchantment" on September 24, at 8pm. Get ready for an old-fashioned party with a cover band playing the greatest songs of all time and expert bartenders who craft the finest cocktails known to humanity.

Register here to get the address.

Enjoy ETHGlobal New York with the 1inch Network!

1inch Network-photo

1inch Network

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