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1inch supports EtherPunk 2021 hackathon by ETHIndia

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Participants will have a chance to win our prizes for a total of $8,000.

1inch is thrilled to sponsor the EtherPunk 2021 hackathon by ETHIndia, which runs January 22 through February 21.

ETHIndia is bringing together thousands of developers, industry experts, advisors, mentors, and companies to innovate and build decentralized applications with the potential of mass adoption.

We at 1inch truly believe in the power of hackathons to create innovative ideas that will shape the future tech landscape. And this belief is largely based on our own experience — 1inch’s MVP was once built at a hackathon, and many of the 1inch team’s core members met and started working together at hackathons.

At EtherPunk 2021, we are offering four challenges.

1. A Twitter bot that shows how much a user could save trading on 1inch as opposed to trading directly on DEXes ($2,000 in 1INCH tokens)

This bot should monitor completed transactions on DEXes: Uniswap / Balancer / SushiSwap (all of them or at least one).

The bot should track trades on the above exchanges, make a quote on 1inch API and show how much the user has lost on their trade on that DEX as opposed to 1inch.
Bonus: Make a tweet on this topic with this data.

2. A liquidity protocol stake delegation contract ($2,000 in 1INCH tokens)

A contract should be able to vote on specific parameters in for stake and vote delegation + and automatic 1inch reward distribution to stakers.

3. A pool simulator for pool setting (backtesting) + visualization of earning and volumes. ($2,000 in 1INCH tokens)

The system should be able to do parameter prediction on past data (1–2 weeks). It should calculate distributed fees and price slippages. The system should also compare different options for a set of parameters.

  • Default fee %
  • Slippage fee %
  • Decay period (Sec)
  • Governance reward %
  • Referral reward %

What would happen and what fee would be charged?

BONUS points will be added for prediction of the best parameters.

How can I tweak the parameters to get the most profitable trade?

4. Open track ($2,000 in 1INCH tokens)

Surprise us! ༼ʘ̚ل͜ʘ̚༽

Just BUIDL on top of 1inch whatever you want!

There could be long-term collaboration potential with the best solutions developed at the hackathon as part of the 1inch tracks.

The main judging criteria are:

  • the importance of solutions for the 1inch infrastructure;
  • the originality of the idea;
  • the high quality of user experience;
  • technical complexity: high-quality code, bug-free, proper documentation.

Apply for 1inch challenges, and let’s #BUIDL our DeFi future together!

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