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1inch supports ETHDenver2021 hackathon

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Participants will have a chance to win a total of $10,000 in prizes from 1inch.

1inch is excited to sponsor the ETHDenver hackathon, scheduled to run online February 5–12.

ETHDenver is the largest Web3 #BUIDLathon in the world for Ethereum and other blockchain protocol enthusiasts, designers and developers. The seven-day event will be open 24 hours a day with a wide variety of activities including talks and workshops by top blockchain influencers and experts.

ETHDenver’s purpose is to contribute to the global blockchain ecosystem, whether by #BUIDLing decentralized applications (dApps), contributing to or starting infrastructure level projects, writing documentation/tutorials/white-papers, designing UI/UX, or infographics.

You may have already noticed how serious we at 1inch are about sponsoring hackathons. 1inch’s MVP was once built at a hackathon, and many of the 1inch team’s core members met and started working together at hackathons. And that experience persuaded us that hackathons really are a place where innovative ideas are born and shaped.

For our ETHDenver bounty this year, we are offering $10,000 in prizes for the following challenges.

1st — $2,000

A pool simulator for pool setting (backtesting) + visualization of earning and volumes

  • The system should be able to do parameter prediction on past data (1–2 weeks). It should calculate distributed fees and price slippages.
  • The system should also compare different options for a set of parameters.

2nd — $2,000

Visualization of 1inch network: pools, aggregation, governance, farming, staking

Help us to make clear what’s going on at the network:

  • Token distribution among wallets.
  • How many tokens are staked in governance and pools.
  • User earnings from governance rewards and pools.
  • What happens with earned tokens, who sells, who stakes, who and how much provides as liquidity in 1inch Liquidity Protocol.

3rd — $2,000 — approval / separate custom implementation

  • Implement a smart-contract that can use approvals on 1inch.
  • What to do with tokens? You choose. Separate custom with approval on 1LP.

4th — $2,000

1inch data dashboard

  • Visualize unique, 1inch-specific metrics.

5th — $2,000

Open track

  • Surprise us! Just #BUIDL on top of 1inch whatever you want!

1inch API:


The main judging criteria are:

  • the importance of solutions for the 1inch infrastructure;
  • the originality of the idea;
  • the high quality of user experience;
  • technical complexity: high-quality code, bug-free, proper documentation.

There could be long-term collaboration potential with the best solutions developed at the hackathon as part of the 1inch tracks.

Apply for 1inch challenges, and let’s #BUIDL our DeFi future together!

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1inch Network

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