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1inch supports BNB Chain’s Zero2Hero Hackathon’s DeFi track

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1inch is joining the DeFi track by providing bounty challenges to encourage participants to put forward creative ideas for building in DeFi.

The 1inch Network is thrilled to announce that it is joining Zero2Hero Hackathon’s DeFi track and offering four bounties for all developers willing to take on the challenges and get rewarded.

Along with other leading Web3 companies supporting the hackathon, 1inch is committed to stimulating the participants’ creative motivation in building new solutions and driving DeFi innovation.

Four-week long Zero2Hero Hackathon kicks off on April 17 and runs until May 14. The event is open to everyone and, as part of the Bootcamp-Hackathon-Incubator program, it aims to support blockchain programming education and boost developers’ careers. The event gathers top blockchain dev minds and Web3 space players from around the globe to work on the future of the blockchain industry. The hackathon will feature various tracks, including DeFi, SocialFi, Scalability, NFT,Cross-chain, Metaverse and Greenfield, in which participants compete for cash prizes and chances to enter the incubator program. The latter will allow developers to improve their tech experience and gain extra skills in tokenomics, Web3 marketing and community building.

The hackathon also offers free support consisting of over 20 workshops, access to multiple dev resources, AMAs and booking hours in the Discord voice lounge.

A workshop on 1inch’s Fusion mode hosted by Nick Kozlov, 1inch’s backend lead, will be held on April 24 at 4 pm CET. Nick will share a developer’s perspective on Fusion mode and do a deep dive into the protocol to explain its true value and importance.

Within the DeFi track, 1inch offers bounty challenges, which will enable participants to win multiple rewards, as well as to benefit from interaction with 1inch tools.

1inch bounties

Three of the bounties offered by the 1inch Network are focused on Fusion mode, a recent upgrade that set a new standard of swap profitability and security. Prizes of up to $5,000 in 1INCH tokens will be distributed among coders successfully completing the following tasks of their choice:

  1. Implementing the 1inch Fusion p2p storage network client;
  2. Integrating the Fusion API into any type of their projects, such as dApps, cross-chain solutions or games;
  3. Сreating a stats dashboard that displays the 1inch Network resolvers’ behavior;
  4. Building any open-source project having a meaningful impact on the community, like a new EIP, DeFi protocol or security tool.

To learn more about the challenges and get prepared, visit the 1inch Notion page. To participate in the hackathon, you must register before April 16 and submit your project by May 14, 2023.

Also, don’t miss the workshop on 1inch’s Fusion given by Nick Kozlov, 1inch’s backend lead, on April 24 at 4 pm CET. Nick will share a developer’s perspective on 1inch's Fusion mode and do a deep dive into the tech to explain its true value and importance.

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