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1inch releases new swap UI

The Simple Mode swap interface will enable users to exchange crypto assets in a more user-friendly way.

In a bid to make users’ experience even greater, the 1inch Network is glad to announce the release of a new swap UI — the Simple Mode for the 1inch dApp.

1inch releases new swap UI

The Simple Mode swap interface will offer traders an unprecedented degree of user friendliness in a situation when an ever higher proportion of swap volume is diverted from separate exchanges to DEX aggregators.

1inch releases new swap UI

Meanwhile, the permit feature will facilitate swaps of ERC-20 tokens that support EIP-2612 without an extra unlock transaction. To learn more about the feature and view a list of supported tokens, see this article.

As Uniswap creator Hayden Adams admitted in his recent Twitter-thread, these days, the majority of volume comes through DEX aggregators:

1inch releases new swap UI

And the launch of the new swap interface enables 1inch, a leading DEX aggregator with over 70% of the DEX aggregation market share, to be ahead of the game.

“Due to the most recent events in the DeFi space, the existence of efficient alternatives to the established DEXes becomes more and more vital,” says Sergej Kunz, 1inch Network co-founder. “And, as a leader in the DEX aggregation segment, 1inch is now offering such an alternative to the global DeFi community.”

By the way, the new swap interface will certainly please Uniswap fans, as it has a feature for Uniswap-only aggregation. And, unlike with the Uniswap protocol, which currently facilitates only version 3, with the 1inch Simple Mode users will be able to use any Uniswap version.

Enough preludes, it’s time for you to try the brand new Simple Mode interface!

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