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1inch prolongs its main liquidity mining program

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It will run as of February 6, offering users opportunities to collect revenue by providing liquidity to selected 1inch pools.

Inspired by the success of our current main liquidity mining program, we decided to prolong it for another 4 weeks.

The following pools will participate in this liquidity mining program, which starts on February 6, midnight (00:01 UTC):

In order to participate in the new liquidity mining program users have to migrate their LP tokens to new farming pools as smart contracts should be updated too.

Under this program, 1% of the 1INCH token total supply will be distributed among providers of liquidity to the above pools in equal shares. The program will run for 4 weeks.

Our currently running liquidity mining programs have proven successful. The recently launched stETH-LDO pool has shown an APY of around 754%, and the APY in the ETH-OPIUM pool has been at 288%.

Participants of our main liquidity mining program have collected as much as 15 mln 1INCH tokens since January 9.

Simultaneously, between January 26 and February 2, we distributed $472K (97K 1INCH tokens) as governance rewards!

How to prolong participation:

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