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1inch partners with Revolut, launches joint L&E course

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The ‘Learn & Earn’ course launched with Revolut will broaden newcomers’ understanding of DeFi and help to shape their decentralized future experience in an easy, fun and efficient way.

Aiming to empower more people with DeFi knowledge, the 1inch Network is happy to announce the launch of the crypto ‘Learn & Earn’ course as part of Revolut’s education program run with various partners. This is the first step of the partnership with the leading customer-centric platform, which offers all the necessary tools for money management.

Revolut, the global financial superapp with more than 20 million customers worldwide, expands its list of cryptocurrencies offered to customers and diversifies its educational resource ‘Learn & Earn’, which has been completed by approximately 2.6 million crypto enthusiasts since its launch in March 2022.

Services provided by Revolut appear to be a kind of alternative to traditional banks as they enable users to transfer money instantly, invest or create savings accounts through its app, as well as to spend and manage funds both via card online and in-store. The crypto feature is incredibly popular, as evidenced by the recent growth of users’ crypto portfolios.

Since any investment, including crypto, can be associated with risks, the customer-centric approach involves increasing users’ knowledge of the DeFi space and its related concepts. As a universal entry point into DeFi, the 1inch Network has partnered with Revolut to create a clearly structured three-lesson course which reveals the basics essential to start with decentralized finance.

1inch partners with Revolut, launches joint L&E course

The course masters key fundamentals vital for space understanding: how DEXes work, how the Pathfinder algorithm allows users to get the best swap rates and the way DAO governance is managed. DeFi basics prepare users to immediately put their knowledge into practice in an engaging and entertaining way.

The motivating part of the training, which is ‘Earn’, includes a reward for those who complete the lessons. The reward is available in 1INCH tokens and is added to the crypto balance of Revolut users, displayed in the app before the start of each new lesson. Thus, by training, users not only earn but also get a convenient tool for their next moves in the DeFi space.

“When we introduced the ‘Learn & Earn’ courses, we aimed to make the world of crypto more accessible. The results exceeded our expectations, demonstrating that there is a true customer need for this form of education,” says Emil Urmanshin, Crypto General Manager at Revolut.

“Today we are thrilled to launch a new series of lessons, developed with the highly reputable 1inch Network, which will bring customers even more insight into different crypto concepts,” he adds.

“DeFi education is vital as it drives further mass adoption,” believes Sergej Kunz, 1inch Network co-founder. “We are super excited about the course we are launching with Revolut, and we also hope it’ll pave the way for our in-depth collaboration.”

Stay tuned for more news about upcoming 1inch partnerships and integrations!

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