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1inch partners with Oktagon MMA

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The partnership signifies another step into the MMA terrain in a move to bridge DeFi and exciting competitive sports.

1inch has always been thrilled to strike promising partnerships, and that with Oktagon is no exception. True, this time the partner comes from outside of the DeFi space, but that fact doesn’t make the partnership any less exciting. Just as the 1inch Network is committed to driving mass adoption of DeFi, Oktagon is striving to make MMA available to everyone. 1inch shares that idea, as well as Oktagon’s passion for martial arts.

Today, Oktagon is one of the fastest-growing sport promotions in Europe, known for hosting top-level events. By throwing tournaments with superstar athletes at major stadiums, the sports organization attracts thousands of attendees. It has succeeded in achieving mainstream sports status in the Czech Republic and Slovakia while continuing to expand the Oktagon MMA brand internationally.

Under the newly announced partnership, 1inch will support a series of ten tournaments. Oktagon 36 in Frankfurt is going to be the first and the biggest one in Europe this year. The previous tournament held at the same Festhalle stadium attracted 10,000 fans. No surprise, all the tickets for the upcoming event have already sold out.

Oktagon 36 brings together all the superstars of German and world battles for challenging matches. Battles between all-time fans’ favorites and champions include an intriguing rematch between Eckerlin and de Oliveira.

Here you can watch OKTAGON Live Stream on October 15, 2022, at 6:00 PM (CET).

The tournaments following Oktagon 36 are going to be just as intense as they will host some of the biggest names in the sport. And all of them will be live streamed.

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