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The 1inch Network partners with Mercuryo

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Thanks to the integration with Mercuryo, 1inch Wallet users will be able to buy DeFi assets using a fiat-on-ramp gateway.

As DeFi solutions are finding wider adoption, it’s essential to lower the entry barrier to crypto space, enabling enthusiasts to buy crypto for fiat in a simple and fast way.

What does this integration mean for users?

Before the creation of 1inch, it was impossible to access all major DEXs at once. Even worse, users struggled to set up a wallet and were frustrated by the commission fees.

It’s time for a change: from now on to make things easier even for newbies the 1inch Wallet for iOS enables the fiat feature for millions of people worldwide by using the Mercuryo fiat-to-crypto gateway solution.

This update makes the 1inch Wallet a genuine single-entry point to DeFi, offering users access to the deepest liquidity and the cheapest and most secure swaps within a single mobile app.

Why does the 1inch Network partner with Mercuryo?

Mercuryo, a cross-border payment network providing global access to fast and cheap money transfers, has already partnered with 250+ crypto industry leaders. Following the mobile-first approach, Mercuryo allows users to buy ETH, DAI, USDT using bank cards and one-click payment methods through Apple Pay and Google Pay in 180+ countries.

Mercuryo provides a seamless bridge between fiat and crypto worlds and handles blockchain fees for users, while the 1inch Wallet opens up the whole DeFi world. Thus, this integration is a huge step forward for the DeFi community.

“To date, some users have been discouraged from entering the DeFi space because most of the existing options for buying crypto are too complicated and inconvenient,” says Sergej Kunz, co-founder of the 1inch Network.

“The integration between 1inch and Mercuryo offers everyone a user-friendly way to enter the space, buy crypto with fiat and begin trading or securely hold their assets,” he goes on to say.

The CEO and co-founder of Mercuryo Petr Kozyakov adds: “It’s not possible to ignore DeFi if you look at how fast the industry is evolving. We see great demand from our users and partners to enable fiat-on-ramp solutions for DeFi enthusiasts. And we are proud to be integrated into the 1inch Wallet, as we value the power of its supportive community.”

All you need is the 1inch Wallet installed on your smartphone — it’s that simple and convenient. More 1inch integrations are coming! Stay tuned!

*For more information on how to buy crypto with fiat using the 1inch Wallet, please, check the 1inch Help Center.

1inch Network-photo

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