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1inch Monthly Digest: June 2024

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by 1inch Network

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The 1inch Network is happy to present you the June digest of major news and updates.

Updates, news and integrations

Last month marked the culmination of 1inch’s efforts aimed at making the Web3 space more secure and compliant, as we introduced the 1inch Shield API in collaboration with leading security solution providers. 

The finishing touches on this comprehensive solution, offering enhanced protection against a wide range of potential threats, were completed in partnership with Blockaid, a major provider of Web3 security tools.

Thanks to the collaboration with Blockaid, scam tokens posing as legitimate assets are instantly detected and marked, enabling users to avoid transacting with them. Additionally, the Shield API includes an address screening component powered by TRM Labs and a blocklisting functionality provided by Etherscan Pro.

The Shield API was immediately integrated into one of our flagship products, the 1inch Wallet, powering its Scam Protection feature. All connections to dApps are now monitored, enabling users to make informed decisions based on alerts. Users are warned of detected attempts by dApps to execute potentially malicious approval requests, steal recovery phrases or engage in other potentially harmful activities.

Meanwhile, the 1inch Wallet’s Portfolio feature for Android became available on four more chains - Arbitrum, Gnosis, Optimism and Base.

Also in June, we announced a partnership with Ripio, a major crypto company operating the Latin American market. Ripio integrated the 1inch Fusion API into its Web3 wallet, Ripio Portal, to offer its users a smooth and efficient crypto swap experience.


On June 10, 1inch co-founder Sergej Kunz  participated in the panel “The Path Towards TradFi and Crypto Convergence” at the Proof of Talk Summit in Paris.

The next day, Sergej joined the panel “The Future of Stablecoin and Digital Assets” held in the French capital as part of the event “Past, Present and Future of Digital Money.”

You can check out some highlights from Sergej’s talks on these panels in the Shorts section of our YouTube channel.

Key stats

TOTAL: $499.9B in volume, 99.1M swaps, 16.5M wallets

1inch Fusion: $28.1B in volume, 3.2M swaps, 887.3K wallets

Ethereum: $382.9B in volume, 19.2M swaps, 3.3M wallets

BNB Chain: $46.1B in volume, 28.9M swaps, 5.8M wallets

Polygon: $26.8B in volume, 24.1M swaps, 3.1M wallets

Arbitrum: $23.3B in volume, 10.2M swaps, 1.8M wallets

Optimism: $6.7B in volume, 3.2M swaps, 731.3K wallets

Base: $3.9B in volume, 6.5M swaps, 885.3K wallets

Avalanche: $8.1B in volume, 3M swaps, 678.4K wallets

Fantom: $1.5B in volume, 1.5M swaps, 165.7K wallets

Gnosis: $693.4M in volume, 2.4M swaps, 102K wallets

Stay tuned for more exciting news and announcements from 1inch!

1inch Network-photo

1inch Network

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