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1inch Monthly Digest: July 2022

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The 1inch Network is launching a monthly digest of major news and updates on this blog. Check out the July issue!

Updates, news and integrations

While the crypto space is struggling through a bear market, the 1inch DAO Treasury continued to generate revenue, and, most recently, the figure hit $15 mln.

The 1inch Wallet v1.3 for Android came out, featuring several improvements and a long-awaited dark theme.

1inch Labs invited users to become a part of the 1inch Squad by participating in an online interview and sharing their experiences of using the 1inch Wallet.

In other news, Opium V2 was released on Arbitrum. Opium Network’s decentralized orderbook is powered by the 1inch Limit Order Protocol.

On the occasion of launching a partnership, 1inch and travel booking website Travala.com ran a raffle.

In July, the 1INCH token was listed on a number of exchanges, including Ziglu, WOO Network Futures, AscendEX and Bubblemaps, and was made available for Recurring Buys on Crypto.com.

A list of 1inch’s most recent integration partners features Playbux metaverse, Harvest, D’Cent Wallet, KyberSwap and the Orange Wallet app.

Also in July, Messari published a comprehensive state of 1inch Q2 report.

Meanwhile, the 1inch Network continues to run DeFi Visions, a series of video interviews with DeFi’s most prominent personalities and projects. Check out the most recent episodes, featuring MyEthWallet’s Kosala Hemachandra, Synthetic’ Kain Warwick, Wirex’ Dmitry Lazarichev and Wintermute’s Yoann Turpin. The main takeaways from DeFi Visions interviews are also available on this blog.


July saw quite a lot of event activity for 1inch. The list of attended events included, among others, the ETHGlobal NYC hackathon, Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) 2022 in Paris, the 19th Anniversary Ritossa Family Office Investment Summit in Monaco, ETH Seattle by Dystopia Labs and ETH Barcelona.

By the way, 1inch’s epic DeFi party Cirque du 1pouce, held during the Paris EthCC week at a real circus and featuring real clowns and carousels, was a big smash!

Key stats

  • Ethereum: $198.7 bln in volume, 6.8 mln swaps, 1.4 mln users
  • BNB Chain: $19.2 bln in volume, 5.7 mln swaps, 847k users
  • Polygon: $14.46 bln in volume, 8.2 mln swaps, 982k users
  • Optimism: $447 mln in volume, 76k swaps, 31.3k users
  • Avalanche: $482.4 mln in volume, 86k swaps, 8.7k users
  • Fantom: $138.1 mln in volume, 235.4k swaps, 3.8k users

Stay tuned for more exciting news and announcements from the 1inch Network!

1inch Network-photo

1inch Network

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