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1inch launches collaboration with Parts of Four

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A joint NFT collection by 1inch and Parts of Four will debut as a Mystery Box drop on Binance NFT Marketplace.

We are thrilled to announce a large-scale NFT collaboration between the 1inch Network and Parts of Four (P4), one of the largest independent luxury jewelry brands in the world.

A joint collection by 1inch and Parts of Four, which is an exploration of magic and industry, will debut as a Mystery Box drop on Binance NFT Marketplace on December 13.

The NFT collection of digital jewelry is based entirely on the Parts of Four catalog, employing an alchemy-based NFT approach. The collection will also be part of a game focused on acquiring and forging rare wearables, usable in every way across P4’s upcoming Greater Metaverse.

In total, 22,000 NFTs of 31 versions will be minted across seven (7) levels of sophistication. The NFTs will be offered at 25 BUSD each.

The P4 Metaverse expansion will begin with a simple ERC-20 community token, P4C and quickly move towards an NFT platform based on BSC, enabling users to acquire, forge, and merge Parts of Four NFTs.

The Parts of Four ecosystem is set to promote interaction with the physical world via embedded tech, AR, and bi-directional swaps via the P4 platform.

Parts of Four was founded in 2011 in Paris by US-born artist Evan Sugerman and Damian Yurkievich, and produces jewelry, objects, furniture, and multimedia installations. Parts of Four jewelries are ungendered and non-seasonal.

The 1inch and P4 collaborative NFT collection will be featured prominently on P4’s future NFT platform as a harbinger of its principles and aesthetic.

More exciting collaborations and integrations are coming, so stay tuned!

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