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1inch launches a developer portal in beta

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The platform will offer developers access to the fastest, most advanced and easy-to-use cloud software solutions.

The 1inch Labs is glad to announce the release of the beta version of its developer portal, a Web3 cloud SaaS (software as a service) platform providing cutting-edge APIs for building new products.

“The main goal is to give developers fast and efficient software solutions for creating new Web3 products,” says Sergej Kunz, 1inch co-founder. “We basically offer developers a set of Web3 building blocks, which allow them to substantially save on time, money and labor. All these solutions have been thoroughly tested in 1inch products since 2019.”

The 1inch Developer Portal has been launched in beta version. For the next few months, developers will be able to test various functionalities of the available software solutions.

Why should you use the 1inch Developer Portal?

  • Proven solutions. Solutions offered on the platform have been successfully tested in 1inch’s products, such as the 1inch Wallet and the 1inch dApp.
  • Reliability. Among projects that have already integrated 1inch APIs, are top players in the Web3 space, including MetaMask, Trust Wallet and Ledger.
  • High availability. The 1inch development portal offers an uptime SLA of 99%.
  • Low latency. 1inch APIs offer users a very short response time, the best on the market.
  • Well-organized data. High-quality, reliable data is organized in easy-to-use dashboards.
  • Deep liquidity. The 1inch Swap API facilitates access to numerous liquidity sources on multiple blockchains.
  • User-friendliness. A convenient interface enables users to access the most up-to-date documentation, advanced request stats and information on all major upgrades of 1inch protocols.
  • Flexible approach. Promising startups can request a dedicated enterprise endpoint for free for a limited period of time.

What SaaS solutions are available?

1inch Swap API

The 1inch Swap API gets a user a price quote for the amount of tokens they want to swap on a specific blockchain. Subsequently, the 1inch Swap API, powered by Pathfinder, a cutting-edge discovery and routing algorithm, provides the user with the most efficient self-custody swap path. Thanks to Pathfinder, the 1inch Swap API offers the best atomic swap execution with multiple paths. To save on gas costs, a highly optimized swap router is used. In addition, the 1inch Swap API combines liquidity from hundreds of thousands of liquidity sources across the space.

1inch Spot Price API

The 1inch Spot Price API delivers a token’s current spot price on the supported networks, based on the available liquidity.

1inch Balance API

The 1inch Balance API provides accurate information on balances and allowances for crypto wallets.

1inch Token API

The 1inch Token API allows users to search for any tokens by name, address or symbol and receive reliable information on it, as well as to get the most common tokens.

1inch Transaction Gateway API

The 1inch Transaction Gateway API can broadcast any transaction to the blockchain in either public or private mode. Private relays ensure MEV protection of transactions.

1inch Portfolio API

The 1inch Portfolio API provides access to accurate transaction data analysis across the Ethereum, BNB Chain and Polygon networks. The API analyzes blockchain transactions to calculate performance metrics, enabling users to track portfolio and wallet performance while uncovering market dynamics.

1inch Orderbook API

The 1inch Orderbook API, based on the 1inch Limit Order Protocol, facilitates placing and accessing swap orders in an order book.

What plans are offered?

Two subscription plans, free and enterprise, are currently available, with the latter offering a higher number of requests per second (RPS).

The enterprise plan is focused on high flexibility, providing multiple customizable options, depending on a project’s specific needs. Thanks to this flexible approach, the enterprise plan could be equally suitable for established projects and promising startups.

The free plan is primarily aimed at non-profit use cases. It allows developers who would like to test the platform’s functionalities, to build prototype solutions.

In the future, the pro and business plans will be added, offering a yet higher number of requests per second (RPS).

IMPORTANT! If you are currently using the 1inch APIs’ public versions, please, subscribe to the Developer Portal. The public APIs will be deprecated on August 18.

Start building your Web3 project today with the 1inch APIs!

1inch Network-photo

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