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1inch kicks off new liquidity mining program

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The program will run as of March 17, focusing on selected 1inch pools.

1inch’s liquidity programs have been extremely popular with users, and we are excited to announce the 1inch Foundation’s decision to launch a new one.

The following pools will participate in the new liquidity mining program, which starts on March 17, 9 pm UTC:

Under the new program, 0.05% of the 1INCH token total supply will be distributed among providers of liquidity to each of the above pools (so overall it’s gonna be another 0.15% of the 1INCH token total supply). The program will run for 28 days.

Our previous liquidity mining programs have proven successful. For instance, the sETH-LDO pool showed an APY of around 754%, and the APY in the ETH-OPIUM pool was 288%.

Moreover, from February 6 to March 6, 15 mln 1INCH tokens were distributed to participants in our main liquidity mining program, and another 1.35 mln 1INCH tokens were sent to liquidity providers in our joint programs with the hottest projects in the space.

Watch out for more farming programs to come really soon!

1inch Network-photo

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