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Lympid, a platform that offers Euro users access to DeFi tools, employs the 1inch Swap API to connect Euros with decentralized liquidity.

Lympid, which aims to bridge centralized and decentralized finance, has integrated the 1inch Swap API to offer its users access to multiple crypto assets directly from their Lympid EUR accounts.

“At Lympid, there is a belief that the extraordinary opportunities of decentralized finance should be available to everyone - not just to crypto insiders,” says João Lages, Lympid’s General Manager and Co-founder. “That's why we are building an intuitive platform for accessing DeFi with the familiarity of traditional finance.”

By integrating the 1inch Swap API, Lympid intends to remove barriers between centralized and decentralized financial systems. On the platform, everyday users can enjoy trading, lending, borrowing and other opportunities in DeFi by accessing leading protocols directly from Lympid's EUR IBAN accounts and integrated multi-chain wallets.

With Lympid, users can buy tokens onchain using EUR. Meanwhile, the platform’s approach of “one user, one wallet” ensures total transparency, and users can easily keep track of all their funds, transfers and other money movements through their trusted block explorer.

The 1inch Swap API integration provides Lympid users a simple access to any token available on DEXes through a seamless fiat-to-crypto swap option. Users can easily buy, sell and swap tokens directly from Lympid's platform using EUR, with no need for complex crypto deposits normally required to access DEX liquidity.

The 1inch Swap API is available alongside several other cutting-edge APIs on the 1inch Developer Portal.

Stay tuned to learn more about 1inch integrations!

1inch Network-photo

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