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1inch integrates with Skynet’s Homescreen

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Thanks to the integration, users will be able to add the 1inch dApp to their Homescreen, saving the entirety of the site’s code and assets to their personal, decentralized cloud.

The 1inch Network is happy to announce that the 1inch front-end is now deployed to Skynet with full support for Homescreen.

With Homescreen, users can load their saved versions of the site to access the 1inch protocol. As a result, there is no central hosting provider and, consequently, no single point of failure. Lately, Web3 and DeFi have been struggling with a solution for properly decentralizing their front-ends, leaving a centralized pain-point in how users can access their decentralized protocols.

1inch, as the first DeFi protocol to deploy to Skynet with Homescreen support, is changing this, acknowledging that users deserve to have control over how they access and interact with DeFi protocols.

For Web3 to be fully decentralized, its apps need to be hosted on decentralized storage. DeFi teams, in particular, are considering how to increase the security of their products through decentralizing their front-ends. The 1inch Network, as a top player in the DeFi space, realizes this need and has taken such a vital step.

“We’re very excited to be working with industry leaders such as 1inch on improving the security of the DeFi ecosystem,” says David Vorick, CEO of Skynet. “Together, we will be able to make sure that 1inch is second to none in providing a world-class experience for users with the least possible amount of risk.”

With traditional front-ends, users have no easy way to know if a malicious actor has updated the code rendered by their browser. Even when the user is alerted, traditional front-ends and sites hosted on other decentralized storage platforms provide no way for the user to access older versions of the site that the user still trusts.

Homescreen solves this issue by enabling users to save versions of a web app to their personal Skynet storage. Then, they can upgrade and downgrade freely between versions of a web app, even if the original goes offline or is compromised.

Users can subscribe to a skylink provided by the developer team and always have access to the latest updates.

“The 1inch Network has always prioritized understanding users’ needs and bringing them a better experience,” underlines Sergej Kunz, co-founder of 1inch Network. “Thanks to deploying builds to Skynet, 1inch users will be able to control their DeFi experience and feel secure in always having access to their DeFi protocols.”

The 1inch contributors team publishes updates using a single skylink, and when you add that skylink to your list of Homescreen apps, the latest version saves to your MySky storage.

Stay tuned for more exciting news about 1inch integrations and collaborations!

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