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In a move to better serve our community, we are launching a Discord server as of July 10.

The transition to Discord means that we are ready to take our operations to the next level.

The past 12 months has been an incredible period for 1inch, marked by challenges and achievements. What started as a hackathon project submitted to the 2019 edition of ETHNewYork, has grown into a fully fledged enterprise and an irreplaceable element of the global DeFi ecosystem.

By now, 1inch’s trading volumes have reached $700 million. The constantly rising number of users brought 1inch to the fifth place among the fastest-growing protocols, according to Spencer Noon’s ranking. launches a Discord server


During its first year of operation, 1inch team worked hard on polishing up the algorithm accuracy, integrating of a large number of DEXes. Now we can proudly say that this goal has been achieved well ahead of schedule. Currently, 1inch offers multiple liquidity sources — from leading DEXes, such as Kyber, Uniswap, Bancor, Balancer, Curve, 0x and dForce, to its own experimental pool Mooniswap and private market makers. launches a Discord server


The 1inch team is highly responsive to user demands. One testimony to that is our recent attempt to resolve the issue of expensive gas. 1inch has launched its own gas token Chi, which facilitates asset transfers on the platform by reducing the gas price by over 40%.

A few days ago, 1inch implemented a deep native integration (Pathfinder algo) into Synthetix that allows users to exchange SNX and synth tokens at the best rates. We have also added support for a custom token, offering a wider range of swap options. And there is more to come, so stay tuned!

Strong community

Our success would not have been possible without 1inch’s community, which by now includes 1,100 subscribers to our Telegram group and over 7,300 Twitter subscribers. Our community is totally diverse, ranging from 1inch users to DeFi enthusiasts asking challenging questions and providing valuable feedback.

The Telegram channel has been a useful tool for sorting out technical issues and helping newcomers to wrap their heads around the 1inch features, but at a certain point it became a bit messy.

During tech stack building periods, the team was entirely focused on technical support, primarily responding to bug and error reports. Now, we’re allocating extra resources to develop our community by launching insightful discussions of our product and the crypto space in general.

Why Discord?

Our team made an important decision to move to Discord as the platform has proven to be a reliable tool for community connection and engagement, not to mention its growing popularity among crypto folks. The 1inch Discord server has been set for a number of rooms defined by their themes, such as #chat, #support, #feedback etc.

This allows users to easily find the right room for their questions or comments and receive the best answers as quickly as possible.

As 1inch is climbing to a leading position in the DeFi space, we’re starting to see special interest from the developer community. On the Discord server, we’ll have the #developers channel, in which the team will be happy to support all efforts to utilize the protocol.

1inch believes that the Discord server will take our interaction with the community to the next level. We plan to run many activities, such as community calls, AMA sessions, polls and other exciting stuff. Don’t miss out!

Transition period

Please, note that 1inch’s official Telegram group will stay alive, too. We’ll have a transition period, during which all official announcements will be published on both channels for better coverage.

However, for more in-depth interaction with our team members, we kindly encourage you to move to Discord with us.

Welcome to the official 1inch Discord server!

1inch Network-photo

1inch Network

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