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1inch DeFi Racer starts off!

With the launch of this game, the 1inch Network begins the exploration of Web 3 tools, such as GameFi, play-to-earn and metaverse.

On December 21, an update of the 1inch Wallet for iOS will be released, featuring the DeFi Racer game, developed by Nord Beaver studio.

The game comes as the 1inch Network’s first array into the area of Web 3.0. Such Web 3.0 areas as GameFi, play-to-earn and metaverse, look extremely promising, and the 1inch Network is eager to explore these areas and facilitate their development.

That was the main reason for issuing a grant from the 1inch Foundation to Nord Beaver studio to develop the DeFi Racer game. By the way, to learn more about 1inch’s grant program and apply, check out this page.

In the future, there are plans to launch more applications based on Web 3.0 tools and mechanics. But for now, check out DeFi Racer!

The game is equally straightforward and thrilling. The player “drives” a car on a three-lane road, and the goal is to avoid obstacles by swiping left and right.

1inch DeFi Racer starts off!

When hitting an obstacle, the car loses speed. During a ride, the car gradually burns fuel, and the ride comes to an end when all of the fuel has been burnt.

1inch DeFi Racer starts off!

The player can choose between four types of cars, from a basic hatchback to a luxurious sports car, but for any car other than the basic one, they have to pay with the in-game currency received for each completed ride.

1inch DeFi Racer starts off!

Similarly, the player can choose between routes with DeFi-themed names, such as Ethereum City or Optimistic Bay.

If you don’t yet have the 1inch Wallet installed, go ahead and download it to play DeFi Racer directly in the wallet.

Meanwhile, the game will constantly evolve, and NFT mechanics will be soon added to it.

Incidentally, DeFi Racer is an excellent platform for contests, and the 1inch Foundation plans to launch a series of contests for players, with attractive prizes.

Stay tuned for contest announcements and other news related to DeFi Racer!

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