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1inch added to Gnosis Safe Multisig App

1inch has been added to the Gnosis Safe Multisig App, making one-click, best-price swaps available to all users of Gnosis, a top crypto storage platform.

As we at 1inch constantly work on expanding our presence in the crypto space, users of the Gnosis platform can now take advantage of our crypto exchange.

The Gnosis Multisig is one of the most trusted platforms for storing digital assets, with a special focus on safety and reliability. Last year, the Gnosis Safe Multisig was launched, and now Safe Apps have been made available, enabling users to safely interact with Ethereum-based tokens directly from the Safe Multisig interface.

Thanks to the addition of 1inch to Safe Apps, Gnosis users will be able to get the best crypto exchange rates as we split swapped tokens’ amounts between various liquidity providers, such as Compound, Uniswap, MakerDAO, Kyber, Balancer, Bancor,, Aave, Oasis, dForce, 0x, Iearn, Idle and Synthetix.

Using 1inch on Safe Apps is quite straightforward. A user just needs to select source and destination assets, enter a specific amount of the source token and click the “SWAP NOW” button.

1inch added to Gnosis Safe Multisig App

If you use multisig wallets with, for instance, two thirds of signatures required for transaction approval, we suggest that you go ahead with the approval quickly as exchange rates might change.

1inch added to Gnosis Safe Multisig App

To avoid transaction failures due to a price slippage as a result of a time lag between the first and the last signatures on a multisig agreement, we suggest setting roughly 3–4% of a deal value for the price slippage and moving ahead fast.

Do you want to see for yourself how 1inch works in the Gnosis Safe Apps? Go ahead and set up your Gnosis Safe Apps in less than a minute and get access to best-rate crypto swaps facilitated by 1inch!

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